What We Offer

We offer scenic sightseeing rides to the Northern Colorado Mountains leaving from Fort Collins.  The driver will guide you along the way with points of interest and interesting facts. Some of the rides are loaded with historical information while other rides are more geared toward informing you of the beautiful scenery all around you. There are multiple stops to allow for photographs along the way. Guests will also have opportunities to get out and enjoy some of the scenery. All of the rides are mainly in the foothills and mountains west of Fort Collins. 

We are fully licensed and permitted through the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. They require all vehicles to be inspected yearly and fully insured to protect the customers.

How We Get There

We use a high top Ford Transit van with room for 12 passengers. The advantage of this van is that most people under 6'4" will be able to stand up with no crouching.  It also provides larger windows for better sightseeing. The van has  a separate cooling and heating system for the back to insure your comfort. We also serve snacks and drinks throughout the tour. Any of our tours over 5 hours in length include lunch in the cost. Each chair has an individual shoulder strap seat belt for your safety. Unfortunately, we do not have children's seats or boosters. 


Who Should Come

 Our rides are great for tourists, locals, seniors, people new to town and family guests. Our rides give people a great sense of the beauty the mountains right outside of Fort Collins offer. If you've ever visited the mountains and wished you knew a little bit more information on the things you saw, this is the ride for you. I will show you geographical points of interest and point out significant historical places along each ride. Whether you are new to town, just visiting, or lived here your whole life there is something about the majesty of our Colorado mountains. 

Who We Are

My name is Yorke Fearon. I am the owner and operator of Majestic Mountains Scenic Rides. I started my business to serve the Fort Collins and Loveland area. I have been driving my parents around  Colorado's majestic mountains to enjoy the scenery for over 25 years. I have a bachelor's degree in History from Colorado University in Boulder. My goal is to allow people to see the scenic wonders of our mountains while adding interesting facts to places you are viewing. I am your driver and guide all in one. I will always strive to make your ride as enjoyable as possible.

Yorke Fearon  970-829-9549

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